About Us

The Blogoria team is an enthusiastic group of people who share the same vision: giving the blogosphere an extensive and clear overview. Nowadays it is hard to keep an eye on all the blogs that are coming up every day. Of course this is just the way it goes, because everyone has his limits. You cannot read fifty blogs per day just to get a clue on what topics all the blogs are written as most of the time the title does not say clearly what they are dealing with. Blogoria wants to be a listing website where you can look up all registered blogs sorted by their topics. Writing a blog is a very intensive work. You put much work and lots of passion in it, when writing about a specific topic like your favorite band or about your hobbies. Once you look up an according topic on the internet search engines like Google will show you the most popular blogs about this topic. This is not only rather frustrating, but it leaves the searching person with some blogs that are often not the exact thing they were looking for. Blogoria will help bloggers and people that are interested in blogging at the same. Well, of course we know that this will be a hard to accomplish aim. But if no one starts making a list from all of the precious blogs out there on the internet, there will never be such thing as a list for blogs. So with such motivation we are confessed that we are going to achieve our goal and that the Blogoria team will someday change the blogging community by supporting the world map they not only desire, but the world blogging map they deserve. Feel free to sign up on Blogoria to support this awesome vision.