Lifestyle Philosophy


Did you ever walk through your city with your eyes wide open? I mean of course, you had your eyes open. But most of the time we are just looking without paying attention to our surroundings. I just read an article about the life in a big city which said that the community of a city is paradox. On the one hand, it is rather homogeneously because almost everyone living in a certain city is identifying himself with it. But on the other hand everyone is seemingly living a rather different live than everyone else around him. There are different lifestyles all over the place. It does not matter where you are living. Whether it is a rural area of the city in the suburbs or it is right in the city center. You can spot so many different lifestyles all around you. For example the Sikhs. You can rather easily spot them when they are around you. Sikhs are those cliché Indian looking guys with a turban. While you it seems to be a normal thing to see a group of Sikhs at their local traditional sanctuary, it is pretty outstanding when you have a Sikh living next to you like your neighbor. Same goes for gothic lifestylers that are pretty easy to spot due to their expressive look with their black mantles and their huge leather boots with metal all over the laces. These two lifestyle groups where an example for rather conspicuous people, but there are plenty of other lifestyles that are not as conspicuous as those two mentioned before. It is rather common that ten different people are living ten different lifestyles. When you go to your house and ring the doorbell of each of your neighbors you will most likely find a different home behind every door. This is due to the globalization, migration processes and the internet. Behind one door you might find an old lady from Russia that is living her Russian lifestyle with a Russian flag on the walls. While the next door there might be living a punk listening to loud music and with posters hanging on his walls. Thinking about all the possibilities is pretty funny. I found it to be very interesting to go through the streets, looking at the people and imagine what their homes look like. Is the business man a great fan of African interior? Is the Chinese guy living in a flat that is totally different from my expectations of his lifestyle? He might live in a super minimalistic home instead of a rather traditional furnished home. Sometimes we seem to forget that everyone is living his individual life and is not just a small part of the big mass. Of course there are many similarities like being fan of the same football club or having similar hobbies, but in the end, everyone is living his lifestyle in his micro cosmos which is only shared with the closest friends and relatives you have. See you.