Our Daily Life

I think everyone of us have had already the dream of travelling all over the world and I guess we all would immediately fully commit to this lifestyle if we were able to afford it. For most of the time when you are travelling you have to live from your savings. Of course there is the work and travel model, where you are travelling from country to country while working here and there to finance your travel. But what do you think about the idea of making travelling to your job? This seems to be too good to be true, but there are plenty of business models where it is possible to earn money by traveling. Actually you do not exactly get money for travelling. It is not like someone gives you money and says: Hey Christian, you get thousand dollars and now you visit Mexico for a week. It is like every business on your own an enterprise on its own. The key word is lifestyle traveller. You are travelling all the time while promoting your travels on your own blog and youtube channel or Instagram. In fact every social media channel is fitting perfectly to distribute your lifestyle vlog or blog. The content of your lifestyle vlog or blog may vary from a rather informative youtube channel or website where you give information on the country and the travel itself including packing lists and stuff. Or it is pretty lifestyle based where you are showing the interactions with the natives for example. There are plenty of examples all over the internet. While this sounds very funny and seems to be not a real job you should be cautious, because it takes huge effort to build up an online business just like a real business. You have to work on a daily basis, create content that is visually appealing to your audience and which is providing relevant information. It is very unlikely that your audience would love to see you just saying hi and showing the view from your position. While this might work for several people you still should not be blended by this and prepare for a big amount of work. A good example is a travel diary, where you are documenting all your actions and all of the stations from your travel whilst pointing out the various situations that are crucial for the travel. This way this diary is not only representing your lifestyle but also providing with important information for anyone who would like to follow your route and travel to the same places. Additionally, you will have to learn to create decent content. This means next to the basics like being informative and relevant you need to make your content look well. A boring black and white website is not very appealing to the reader. You should also make a proper intro and outro. It does not matter whether it is a youtube video or a simple lifestyle blog entry. If it is not interesting, the reader will not read any further after he read the first few sentences.