Our Life Today

When it comes down to the life of everyone, nowadays you only check the Facebook profile of the person of interest. What you can see in his chronic is most likely a very expressive content that shows his lifestyle in various views. Today we are more than ever individualists than we ever did. This might come from the internet as a very easy accessible source of information about the different lifestyles of people from all over the world. In the past, the lifestyle was just doing your job, meeting with friends and the family and maybe going on holidays every few months. And even those holidays had much in common to the festivals your friends did, for example, a sunny beach. There simply were not many impressions you could get to desire a change in your lifestyle. Today there are already hundreds of different lifestyles that you can see with only two or three clicks of your mouse. To stay on facebook: you can just type in a particular subculture name like “gothic” and within five seconds or less you see hundreds of photos from people all over the world living this lifestyle, dressing up as gothic with dark hair, pale skin, and dark leather clothes. It is much easier to get in touch with those subcultures as you can make yourself a good impression of what it is to live as one of them. Today there are several new role models for young and senior citizens due to the internet. You can take a look on the fashion side. There are thousands of fashion lifestyle bloggers all over the world that are promoting their outfit of the day. You can see thousands of tutorial videos on youtube on how to make your hair, how to dress as a princess and hundreds of makeup variations. This is not a single trend; it is a whole new era of lifestyle. Those subcultures are promoting themselves and people who like it can have easy access to as much content as they want. A good example is little Claire from France that loves dressing as their favorite comic characters. 20 years ago there were good chances that she never got in touch with someone who shares the same passion as she does. But today she can only dress up as her favorite comic character, make some photos of the dress and upload them onto a cosplay board where hundreds of cosplayers love this lifestyle just as much as she does. So in conclusion to this lifestyle topic, I think you can say that every one of us no matter which lifestyle he is preferring and currently living should be thankful for the possibilities that the internet provides us. It makes it possible for us to stay in our hometown while being connected with humans from other countries and live the life we want to live with people that understand the lifestyle we are living because they love it just as much as we do.